Mark Does Stuff Review Round-Up: Week of May 5


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Mark Does Stuff Review Round-Up: Week of April 28

It'll be a hot minute before Double Features are back regularly, so enjoy this week's set of Gargoyles reviews! You'll know why they've taken a break very shortly, but for now, here are the reviews posted this past week:

Mark Reads

Wizards at War, Chapter 5, Part I: In which Dairine learns more about Roshaun's life.
The Fifth Elephant, Part 12: In which Vimes discovers things.
Wizards at War, Chapter 5, Part II: In which I meet Roshaun's father.
Mark Reads ‘The Fifth Elephant’: Part 13: In which I yell at every Discworld fan ever.
Wizards at War, Chapter 6: In which I yell at every Young Wizards fan ever.

Mark Watches

Voyager 6x17: In which I actually enjoy a Fair Haven episode.
Voyager 6x18: In which this is very weird and very messed up.
Voyager 6x19: In which the last act's twist ruined me.
Voyager 6x20: In which the show tries and... that's about it.
Voyager 6x21: In which I have a lot of fun.

Gargoyles 2x06: In which Broadway teams up with Elisa.
Gargoyles 2x07: In which I can barely believe this happened.
Gargoyles 2x08: In which I take it back because how did THIS happen.
Gargoyles 2x09: In which I lied because how does this show keep escalating.
Gargoyles 2x10: In which I cry for help because this is where I am cliffhanger'd.

Mark Does Stuff Review Round-Up: Week of April 14, 2017

Hello again, readers and watchers! This week has provided you with my continued journey through Star Trek: VoyagerThe Fifth Elephant, and Wizards at War. In cased you missed it, here's what I reviewed this week: 

Mark Reads

Wizards at War, Chapter 1: In which I learn just how real this book gets in one chapter.
The Fifth Elephant, Part 7: In which I am shocked by an appearance and some violence.
Wizards at War, Chapter 2: In which the stakes are raised and everything escalates.
The Fifth Elephant, Part 8: In which I am truly unready for the final scene. 
Wizards at War, Chapter 3, Part I: In which a character I forgot about provides a solution.

Mark Watches

Voyager 6x08: In which heartbreak looms.
Voyager 6x09: In which I get emotional about conspiracy theories.
Voyager 6x10: In which a Next Generation character re-appears and I cry. Again.
Galaxy Quest: In which I watch the greatest Star Trek movie of all time.
Voyager 6x11: In which I don't actually like this all that much.

That's all for this week! Stay tuned next week for THE RETURN OF MARK WATCHES GARGOYLES!

Mark Does Stuff Review Round-up: Week of April 7, 2017

Hello, readers and watchers! One of the reasons I wanted to have this site was to collect information in a central location, both for newcomers and for those of you who bounce in and out of the community. One of the most fascinating things about my fandom is how it fluctuates in waves based on what I'm reviewing. There's certainly a whole lot of you who read and post every day, but I also love the lurkers and the folks who come in for one series and then go about their lives for a while, only to return again. 

Thus, each Friday, I'll put up a post that just links to what reviews were posted this week so you can keep up with what I'm writing! Not a fancy post, but it serves a great purpose. THUS, HERE WE GO.

Mark Reads

The Fifth Elephant, Part 4: In which one of my favorite Discworld characters returns.
Wizard's Holiday, Epilogue: In which I am royally screwed up by a last-minute surprise.
The Fifth Elephant, Part 5: In which Colon is the worst.
Wizards at War Predictions: In which I am not ready.
The Fifth Elephant, Part 6: In which I try to figure out the mystery.

Mark Watches

Voyager 6x03: In which I discuss B'Elanna and biracial narratives.
Voyager 6x04: In which I discuss perspective, the Doctor, and uncriticized misogyny.
Voyager 6x05: In which Voyager tries to do something neat with Tom, but...
Voyager 6x06: In which I marvel at Tim Russ, but desire more.
Voyager 6x07: In which I am bewildered by the many things in this episode.


April Commissions: There are 14 videos this month, from the end of Every Heart a Doorway, to the season 2 finale of Killjoys, to the worst cliffhanger in Patreon history thanks to Broadchurch