Mark Does Stuff Review Round-Up: Week of April 21, 2017

Lots of reviews this week, friends! As will be the case next week, I managed to squeeze an extra day into my schedule so that I could cover Gargoyles, and I do not regret this choice. At all. In case you missed them, here's what I reviewed this week:

Mark Reads

The Fifth Elephant, Part 9: In which OH, CARROT.
Wizards at War, Chapter 3, Part II: In which I'm still not ready for this book.
The Fifth Elephant, Part 10: In which Vimes meets a king and I talk about worldbuilding.
Wizards at War, Chapter 4: In which there's a meeting on the moon.
The Fifth Elephant, Part 11: In which Vimes meets Uberwald high society.

Mark Watches

Voyager 6x12: In which I once again cherish the weirdness of this show.
Voyager 6x13: In which I run out of ways to say something.  
Voyager 6x14: In which things are very messed up.
Voyager 6x15: In which I should be far more excited about an episode with The Rock in it.
Voyager 6x16: In which the idea is not nearly as good as the execution.

Gargoyles 2x01: In which the season two premiere is already too much.
Gargoyles 2x02: In which this show commits to things other shows wouldn't dream of.
Gargoyles 2x03: In which I realize how much this show will hurt me.
Gargoyles 2x04: In which my new favorite character is introduced.
Gargoyles 2x05: In which I am thrown into chaos.

Thanks for tuning in! There will be more Gargoyles reviews going up next week as well.