Fan Spotlight: Sage

One of the reasons I desperately needed a website like this was to act as a hub for all things pertaining to me. Whenever I wanted to share something cool, I had to do this weird balancing act of finding out where to stick it. Tumblr? Twitter? Both the sites? None of them?

While I've used my Tumblr for posting/re-blogging fan-made stuff, I am now happy that from here on out, I can share with you all the cool things that people have made of the work that I've done. I'd like to start with Sage, who I met at MiniCon recently. While I actually knew more people in Minnesota fandom than many other cities, I was still a bit nervous about being a Guest of Honor at a convention I'd never attended. I had made a few friends at CONvergence last summer, but otherwise, I was aware that I was a bit out of my element in this community. That's okay! I love getting to make new friends! 

I did not expect anyone to show up to my signing on Saturday afternoon because I was such a new face at the con, and because it's hard to have things to sign when all your work is online and your first book isn't even published yet. However, Sage showed up and gifted me with one of the most spectacular drawings I'd ever seen, and I'd like to share it with you:

Image drawn by Sage/Samantha Somers

Image drawn by Sage/Samantha Somers

Not gonna lie: I started crying after I got this. Not only was this likeness stunning, but as Sage started telling me about finding my YouTube readings and deciding to draw a particularly upsetting moment from one of those readings, I felt an immense wave wash over me. I get lost in the act of writing and recording a lot, and I really don't think about the impact I might have on someone else. And here was this incredible person who not only paid to attend a con I was a guest at, but used their remarkable artistic talent to draw me. IT IS SUCH A FLATTERING THING TO EXPERIENCE. Thank you, Sage, for this wonderful gift.

You can find Sage's work on DeviantArt, or you can follow along with the webcomic they draw for, Runner. Runner Comics also has a Patreon you should check out, too!