School and Library Visits!

Photo by  Rakeem Cunningham |

Photo by Rakeem Cunningham |

Hello, educators and librarians! Due to overwhelming demand, I am including all information you would need if you’re considering asking me to come visit your school or library! I am available throughout the year, though I would first suggest checking out my Tour page to make sure I am not already committed to another event.

Here’s the official Reading/Study Guide for ANGER IS A GIFT.

I am available for half-day, full-day, or multi-day visits to your school, college, library, or district. Generally speaking, I bring a PowerPoint presentation (that lasts about 20 mins) that includes information on my teenage years, how I became a writer, and my current works, and I also facilitate a Q&A. I can certainly do more specific themes or focuses for presentations, and I welcome pitches of this nature. I aim these presentations to last about the same as a standard length of a class so that I can do multiple of them in one session, though I can make them longer if the presentation time or venue is larger.

My rates are $1000 for a half day (generally four hours) or $2000 for a full day, per day (anything beyond four hours). This does not include transportation and accommodations; if your school or library is not within a few hours of New York City, I require accommodations for at least one night to come out to you, and I will need accommodations for all days of a visit if it is multi-date. And regardless of location, I still require transportation costs to be covered so that I can focus on giving you the best visit possible!

That being said: I do a significant number of school visits throughout the year for free. If you see I am coming to your city while promoting myself, PLEASE reach out to me; if your school does not have a budget for school/author visits, I often can schedule visits during these travel windows as long as I am contacted in advance. Additionally, if your budget can only accommodate the purchasing of books for students, I can often still facilitate a visit as well.

You can reach me for all booking information at and my publicist can be reached at You only need to reach out to me initially, but I may CC in my publicist for scheduling info or to help facilitate book sales. I do need to state my requirements up front to set boundaries, but please don’t feel intimidated by this. I am very flexible, particularly with schools that do not traditionally get school visits, and I know first-hand how important it is for some kids to see successful versions of themselves, to know that queer brown and black kids can make it in this world.

Thank you!