Tour Dates / Appearances

Photo by Rakeem Cunningham |

Photo by Rakeem Cunningham |


October 7: New York Comic Con. "Let's Talk About Our Problematic Favs" Panel, 6:30pm-7:30pm, Room 1B03

October 13 - 15: Beach City Con, Virginia Beach, VA - Special Guest 


March 9 - 11: HELIOsphere, Tarrytown, NY - Guest of Honor

May 4 - 6: Penguicon, Southfield/Detroit, MI - Guest of Honor


Booking Mark

Mark is available for conventions, lectures, book events, readings, school appearances, and podcast guesting etc., throughout the year. He can best speak on the following topics:

  • His own work
  • Critical analysis of fiction (television and literature)
  • Community management of online communities
  • Racism, specifically anti-Latinx racism
  • Queerness, or the gay experience in America
  • Poverty and homelessness
  • Mental disability, specifically PTSD, depression, and anxiety
  • Fandom in general, as well as specific issues such as diversity, safety, and fanworks

If you are interested in booking or hosting Mark for an event, appearance or for a podcast, please contact his assistant at markreadsandwatches at gmail dot com. It is best to introduce yourself, explain your organization and the reason you want Mark to appear, and the dates you had in mind. Mark can negotiate appearance fees, but does require transportation and lodging for all appearances. The earlier you send this information, the better chance Mark can accommodate your schedule. There is no fee for appearing on a podcast! 

Mark really loves conventions, so there are a few each year that he attends regularly, so be prepared to have a really good pitch if your event is the same weekend as his favorite cons. Those cons are:

Arisia (Boston) - Usually the second weekend of January
ConFusion (Detroit) - Usually the third weekend of January
WisCon (Madison) - Memorial Day weekend
Readercon - Usually the middle of July