Mark Does Stuff Review Round-Up: Week of June 2

Hello, readers and watchers! I am now fully settled in New York City, though I'm adjusting to a lot of things. Namely: TIME ZONES. I have run the entire Mark Does Stuff universe on the West coast, so that's why I panicked today when I thought my posts hadn't gone up at the right time. It was actually because they're three hours later than I'm used to. I thought about changing the time to be relative to me, but there's no need for that; we'll just keep chugging along. 

Anyway, here's what I reviewed this week!

Mark Reads

The Truth, Part 5: In which William learns of the power of the news.
Wizards at War, Chapter 12, Part I: In which Sker'ret makes a vital decision. 
The Truth, Part 6: In which this book is way too relevant.
Wizards at War, Chapter 12, Part II: In which HESPER SPEAKS and I am not ready.
The Truth, Part 7: In which this book addresses investigative journalism.

Mark Watches

Voyager 7x15: In which Janeway continues to awe me because she's the best.
Voyager 7x16: In which the show unnerves me relentlessly.
Voyager 7x17: In which the second part of this story is executed much better than I expected.
Voyager 7x18: In which Seven is curious about human interaction and OW MY HEART.
Voyager 7x19: In which I wish this episode was... good. At all.

I am thrilled that my schedule resumes on Monday, which means that Gargoyles videos are coming back!!! DOUBLE FEATURES YAY!!!

Mark Does Stuff Review Round-Up: Week of May 26

Hello again, readers and watchers! I've had a normal week on both my review sites while my own personal life is a ROLLERCOASTER OF EMOTIONS. I'm writing this up while at WisCon in Madison, WI, and I am also in between homes. It's very exciting and scary, but I find it quite comforting to know that I got all these reviews done so that there's some normalcy in our lives. Anyway, here's what I covered this past week:

Mark Reads

Wizards at War, Chapter 10, Part II: In which I am DESTROYED. 
The Truth, Part 4: In which a new character creates something new for Ankh-Morpork.
Wizards at War, Chapter 11, Part I: In which I truly learn about the Yaldiv and am ruined.
The Truth, Part 4: In which I settle into this book and try to predict things.
Wizards at War, Chapter 11, Part II: In which I realize I didn't know ANYTHING about the Yaldiv.

Mark Watches

Voyager 7x10: In which the Doctor has a crisis and B'Elanna makes a friend.
Voyager 7x11: In which this is REALLY WEIRD. 
Voyager 7x12: In which this episode goes HARD and breaks my heart.
Voyager 7x13: In which a neat episode is ruined by a thing.
Voyager 7x14: In which B'Elanna deals with some bizarre behavior. 

 Thanks for following along! We are VERY CLOSE to the return of reviews for Gargoyles. I can't wait!

Mark Does Stuff Review Round-Up: Week of May 19

Hello, readers and watchers! Another week has successfully gone by in the Mark Does Stuff universe. So what did I cover this time around?

Mark Reads

The Fifth Elephant, Part 19: In which I finish this wonderful, touching book.
Wizards at War, Chapter 9, Part II: In which Dairine arrives and changes everything.
The Truth, Part 1: In which I begin my twenty-fifth Discworld novel. 
Wizards at War, Chapter 10, Part I: In which the war begins. 
The Truth, Part 2: In which I keep trying to guess what the hell this book is.

Mark Watches

Voyager 7x05: In which the show is TOO GODDAMN REAL. 
Voyager 7x06: In which this is really upsetting. 
Voyager 7x07: In which a cool idea has a weird, uncomfortable execution.
Voyager 7x08: In which Harry's promotion is... not really a promotion at all. 
Voyager 7x09: In which the Doctor pursues his own agenda at great cost.

Enjoy, friends! Onwards we go into another week of me losing myself in fiction.