ANGER IS A GIFT is out today

Friends, today is perhaps the most important day of my life:

I am now a published author.

Today, Anger Is A Gift is now available wherever books are sold. I encourage you to find your local independent bookstore to get the book, and IndieBound is a fantastic research to find one near you to either pick up the book and order it through them. The audiobook should also be out, and I am thrilled that I got to record my own audiobook, so you will hear my voice reading the book!

I am immediately heading out on tour after my NYC launch at The Strand's Rare Books Room with Tiffany Jackson and Dhonielle Clayton. My first author tour will take me across the US, and this is just the start for the promotion of Anger. I will be at TheBookCon immediately after this trip, and Tor has posted all my appearances at the convention

If you are inclined to help out, reviews on Amazon are very beneficial to new authors, so please submit a review on Amazon

I am eternally thankful to the many people who helped make this happen. My acknowledgments were written nine months ago, so I didn't get a chance to thank everyone. If you played a part in making Anger Is A Gift a reality: thank you. To my friends at Tor and Tor Teen; to my NYC writing crew; to the We Need Diverse Books folks; to the Mark Does Stuff community; to everyone who believed in me and supported me in any way.

This is as much your success story as it is mine. Thank you. I am forever grateful, and I cannot wait to give you more stories.