Mark Does Stuff Review Round-Up: Week of May 12

Hello, friends! We've got another week of DiscworldYoung Wizards, and Star Trek: Voyager that I covered, but there's also a surprise at the end of this. Here's what I did over the past five days:

Mark Reads

Wizards At War, Chapter 8, Part I: In which I try to be prepared for the onslaught.
The Fifth Elephant, Part 17: In which I am destroyed by an antagonist.
Wizards At War, Chapter 8, Part II: In which I can't. Cannot. Is unable to.
The Fifth Elephant, Part 18: In which I am taken out by the biggest reveal ever.
Wizards At War, Chapter 9, Part I: In which I read about a nightmare world.

Mark Watches

Voyager Season 7 Predictions: In which I give my very last batch of Voyager predictions.
Voyager 7x01: In which season 7 starts out with heartbreak and intensity.
Voyager 7x02: In which this show is not okay.
Voyager 7x03: In which the writing for this show is not okay.
Voyager 7x04: In which a cool premise falls apart in the end.


Mark Reads Dark Horses: I feel like I should give some context for this. I actually posted it on May 4th, but it deserves highlighting here. Due to a Twitter conversation I had with my friend Wendy, I decided to take some time off from writing to record myself reading a choice selection of this book. It was... very interesting. I didn't know that there was a market for serial killer/controlling horse boyfriends, but hey! You learn something new every day.