Mark Does Stuff is relocating... New York City!


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After a failed attempt to move east two years ago, I have a place to stay in NYC, and I'm making it happen! I'll be moving right after WisCon, which is one of the main reasons that I've had to put my Gargoyles reviews on hold. (It is pretty much impossible to pull those off on top of book editing, packing, selling off furniture, flying out to Madison, AND moving across the country). 

This won't affect normal reviews, as I'm scheduling myself to have at least a couple weeks off once I arrive in New York. The only major change is that my P.O. box in Los Angeles will be closed down by May 25 and I will be without snail mail address for a couple months. If you desperately need to send something, please reach out to me by email or through my Contact page. 

I'm thrilled (and, of course, slightly terrified) to be moving to the East Coast. Feel free to use the comments for any NYC advice because I DEFINITELY NEED IT.