Welcome to my new site!

Hello, readers, watchers, and everyone in between! I've been working on this for a while in order to transition to having a more central location to announce things and collect the entire Mark Does Stuff universe. With the teaser announcement of my YA book now live and out in the world, it was time to debut my next secret! Please have a look around and check out the changes. I'll be doing a very light text redesign of Mark Reads and Mark Watches to link back to this site instead of having announcements spread about multiple sites and in different mediums.

From here on out, all announcements will be posted here first. You can also join my newsletter to get notifications straight to your inbox! Trust me, you'll want to join because I have SO MANY incredible things to tell you about my future as a YA author. 

All photos were taken by my good friend Rakeem Cunningham; please reach out to him if you're in Southern California and need some professional photography done. Everything else was assembled by yours truly, which is a goddamn miracle because I AM NEVER GOOD AT THESE THINGS.

Onwards into an exciting future!