Sensitivity Read Services

Photo by Rakeem Cunningham |

Photo by Rakeem Cunningham |


If you are looking for a sensitivity read on your manuscript...

Mark is available for a sensitivity read/edit throughout the year for all completed manuscripts. Rates start at $500 per manuscript of 80K words or less for middle grade/YA, and $750 per manuscript of 100K words or less of Adult fiction. Rates are negotiable above those word counts, and pretty much any genre is open for a read.

All reads come with in-line edits/suggestions, as well as a summary document, and Mark will only accept a read if he has the time to turn it around in thirty (30) days. 

Mark can provide reads based on the following areas:

  • Race/racism, specifically along lines of Latinx culture. This includes general reads for non-white characters and their characterizations, especially if you'd like to make sure your work is not all-white.

  • Adoption, particularly the transracial adoption experience

  • Queer/gay identities, and their experiences

  • Homelessness, both as a teen and an adult

  • Poverty

  • Mental illness, specifically PTSD, trauma, depression, and anxiety.

  • Addiction, more specifically alcoholism.

  • Abuse, both intimate partner abuse and child abuse.

Please contact Mark through his Contact page or send an email to markaoshiro at gmail dot com. Your manuscript MUST have been through some form of editing before it is considered for a read. Thank you!